Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9

Should you buy one?

It's a great posh hatch, but overall the BMW 1 Series pips it. But we'd still recommend the A-Class on the basis of its sheer breadth of choice and all-round usability.

The best all-rounders are the higher-powered petrol and diesel versions, but again, you pay for the privilege – especially if you chose an AMG Line, Premium or Executive model. That said, though the A 250 e plug-in hybrid model isn't cheap, either, it makes a lot of sense for some people, particularly company car drivers, and especially those with a largely urban commute.

But which ever A-Class you choose, it's way better than the previous model and a serious challenger to the new Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series.

What we like

The interior, with its sophisticated large-screen infotainment system, is a real show-stopper – provided you specify several expensive options – and there's a comprehensive raft of standard safety equipment as well as the genuinely useful voice control system.

What we don't like

While refinement levels have been improved and it drives better than before, the  A-Class is neither the most comfortable nor the sharpest driving car in the class. The A-Class can also get very pricey if you start adding options, so be careful when speccing one new.

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