Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0
  • Luxurious cabin mirrors E-Class Saloon
  • Leather upholstery as standard
  • Highly adjustable driving position

How is the quality and layout?

The interior of the E-Class Coupe closely mirrors the E-Class Saloon, although some details such as the intricate air vents and trim, including open-pore wood, are Coupe-specific. Despite the commonality, the Coupe feels and looks extremely luxurious and displays a very high level of fit and finish.

It’s easy to mistake the cabin for that of a much more expensive car, and the choice of trim – be it gloss black, aluminium-look or wood – as well as high-quality artificial leather or optional leather upholstery and dials that click with Swiss-watch precision all underline this impression.

The driving position is good, offering a wide range of adjustment for both the steering wheel and seat to ensure all drivers are comfortable. That the seats can also be lowered close to the floor creates a suitably low-slung and sporty feeling; both front seats are electrically adjustable as standard.

Infotainment and tech

Every model comes with two widescreen displays for instrumentation and infotainment. These are a truly panoramic 12.3-inches each, with a visor above to reduce glare or reflections.

The twin screens take care of all of the car’s functions, and are controlled through a combination of steering wheel-mounted thumb controls and a central touchpad. Functions can be controlled either via the touch-sensitive capacitive switches on the steering wheel, or by that central touchpad. These are fiddly in use, though.

The infotainment system is easy to use and delightful to look at, with a chunky interface and responsive touchpad control, but the cursor highlighting which function you have selected isn’t that obvious so it can be difficult to see where you are at a glance. The extensive menus can also prove distracting, as you end up searching for what you want far longer than expected. Thankfully, the most useful shortcut keys can be located below the climate control system, although MBUX voice control renders that redundant once you’re used to using it.


  • E-Class chassis means comfort is excellent
  • Genuine space for four tall adults
  • Luxurious interior feels special to be in

The E-Class Coupe is designed to be a refined and luxurious tourer, and mostly it succeeds. The seats are highly comfortable with good support, and the headrests are generously padded. Even rear-seat passengers are well catered for, with significantly more knee room than the previous generation. It means four six-foot-tall adults can spend a long journey in comfort, even if their heads might be very close to the roof lining.

Two suspension set-ups are available, along with standard 19-inch or optional 20-inch alloys. Dynamic Body Control uses conventional springs with adjustable dampers, which allows the driver to choose between settings, ranging from comfort-focused to sportier. While less cushioned than air suspension, Dynamic Body Control does offer a good compromise.

While road noise is well suppressed, the cars we’ve driven did suffer from higher-than-expected wind noise.