Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9

Should you buy an MG HS?

The HS is good family transport, and cracking value for money for cash buyers. Roomy front and rear, with a decent boot, and a combination of engine, chassis and transmission that will get you where you need to be efficiently. There’s little fun to be had here – look elsewhere for dynamic excitement – but that proviso aside, it's a perfectly acceptable family car capable of outclassing some more expensive rivals.

In terms of quality of engineering, these Chinese-built cars no longer lag behind their mainstream European rivals. The interior looks good, is functional, and all of the touchpoints (steering wheel, buttons, interior surfaces) feel every bit as good as a Renault Kadjar or Nissan Qashqai, both of which are more expensive. The high level of standard equipment means it’s good value against most of the rivals. And don’t underestimate the seven-year/80,000-mile warranty, now provided on all new MGs.

The addition of the plug-in hybrid model seriously expands the appeal of this worthy SUV, and we'll report back when we know how well it drives. For now, though, on paper it delivers excellent performance and hybrid performance as well as a very competitive battery-only range. And again, it's priced very competitively.

It does have faults, though. The engine is rough when driven hard and if you choose the DCT automatic version, it's difficult to drive smoothly. The infotainment set-up looks modern and is reasonably simple to use, but it's slow and can frustrate, while it also lags behind its rivals in terms of luggage space. But it's a perfectly capable family car that's priced really well – and as such it's well worth giving the MG HS your attention.

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