Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9
  • Modern layout
  • Soft-touch fabrics
  • Touchscreen standard

Throughout the cabin, the plastics used are softer to the touch and more pleasing to the eye than on previous Chinese-built MGs. In fact, interior quality is just as good as other popular SUVs including the Nissan Qashqai and Renault Kadjar. Exclusive spec gets leather on the dash, steering wheel and seats. It’s not the classiest hide, but it is pleasingly soft.

The cabin is neatly designed with a clear and responsive touchscreen infotainment system taking pride of place in the centre of the dash. It’s supplemented by a row of switches, ensuring that the most important on-the-move functions can be operated without any need to look at the screen.

Exclusive spec also brings a full-length sunroof (which opens half-length), making the cabin feel even roomier by being a whole lot brighter and airier. Although the standard of plastics has generally gone up a long way, some rogue elements have slipped through, especially in the back. Whether most owners would notice this or not is open to debate.

MG HS PHEV (2021) interior view


  • Comfortable seats
  • Good range of adjustment up front
  • Plenty of room

Top Exclusive spec has different front seats from the other Explore and Excite versions. They’re electrically adjustable and heated, and on long journeys offer decent support and comfort. But the regular seats are multi-adjustable, and just as importantly they’re well shaped, allowing driver and front passenger to relax without anything digging in.

The rear is even roomier (at least for two adults and one child), although the seatback is not as upright as some would like, and can’t be adjusted. Rear passengers get a pair of central vents, two USB slots and one reading light per side.

Ride quality is above average in its ability to deal with lumpy roads and potholes. Noise levels are also low, with an absence of wind rustle, even around its large door mirrors and panoramic roof.

MG HS (2020) infotainment