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MG Ranges

  • MG F

    MG F

    Used price:
    £497 - £1,948
  • MG GS

    MG GS

    New price:
    £14,885 - £20,885
    Used price:
    £5,936 - £15,640
  • MG HS

    MG HS

    New price:
    £20,995 - £24,995
    Used price:
    £13,472 - £21,312
  • MG TF

    MG TF

    Used price:
    £542 - £1,948
  • MG ZR

    MG ZR

    Used price:
    £193 - £1,442
  • MG ZS

    MG ZS

    New price:
    £12,455 - £17,755
    Used price:
    £214 - £14,616
  • MG ZS EV

    New price:
    £28,495 - £30,995
    Used price:
    £16,622 - £20,884
  • MG ZT

    MG ZT

    Used price:
    £225 - £2,191

Most popular MG reviews

  • MG GS SUV (2016 onwards) Review

    MG's cheap and cheerful SUV doesn't quite hit the target

    Parkers rating: 3 out of 5 3.0
    New price: £14,885 - £20,885
    • Clever packaging and above-average rear-seat space
    • Entry-level models are extremely well-priced
    • Good steering, and light, positive gearchange
    • Looks good on (optional) big wheels
    • Some interior plastics are sub-standard
    • Fidgety ride and below-par damping
    • Engine refinement let down by high-rev harshness
    • No diesel option, and only one petrol
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  • MG HS SUV (2019 onwards) Review

    New range-topper is big on value, low on fun - but makes good family transport

    Parkers rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5
    New price: £20,995 - £24,995
    • Roomy
    • Comfortable
    • Well equipped
    • Keenly priced
    • Slow
    • Lifeless handling
    • Noisy engine when pushed
    • Some hard plastics
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  • MG XS SUV (2017 onwards) Review

    Could this finally be MG’s comeback car?

    Parkers rating:not rated yet
    New price: £0 - £0
    • Likely to be good value
    • Interior is spacious
    • Handling shows promise
    • Some dubious interior plastics
    • Tiny dealer network
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  • MG ZS EV SUV (2019 onwards) Review

    Impressive value on offer from all-electric SUV

    Parkers rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9
    New price: £28,495 - £30,995
    • Low list price and good finance options
    • Usable electric range and performance
    • Seven-year warranty, five-star safety rating
    • Practicality unaffected by EV conversion
    • Less range than key rivals
    • It’s not quite as cheap as we had hoped
    • Low-rent interior
    • Not exciting to drive
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  • MG ZS SUV (2017 onwards) Review

    Cheap, practical small SUV does little to shine over rivals

    Parkers rating: 2.8 out of 5 2.8
    New price: £17,495 - £17,495
    • Low list price
    • Impressive practicality
    • Seven-year warranty
    • Decent kit levels
    • Absence of safety kit
    • Below average performance
    • Mediocre drive
    • Feels dated in many respects
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