Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Unfortunately this is where the Colt is a bit of a letdown. While the interior has improved compared to the CZT, it still feels a little basic and some of the plastics used are on the hard side. Build quality is solid though and the layout is simple with straightforward stereo and air conditioning controls on the centre console stack. The steering wheel looks good and is shared with the larger Lancer, but it doesn't adjust for reach, so finding a good driving position isn't that easy.

It's also disappointing that apart from slightly different dials and aluminium pedals, the interior is identical to the standard Colt. There's little to show that this is a hot hatch.

Available with three or five doors, the Colt isn't especially generous when it comes to rear passenger space, although the tall shape means headroom is good for those in the back. Legroom is limited though and it's a real squeeze for taller adults. There's also not much in the way of noise insulation or refinement, so the Ralliart can feel frantic at higher speeds.

On the plus side, the ride is pretty good for a small sports hatch, although it can fidget over uneven and rough roads.