Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

The neat handling and tight 5.2 metre turning circle gives the Shogun Pinin great agility and enhanced driving confidence. Boosted by its great view, the height adjustable driver’s seat – only available in the five-door model – guarantees comfort and improved driver safety. The simple dashboard is uninspiring, while the switchgear is randomly scattered and poorly thought out, although it is easier to get used to over time.

Those sat in the comfortable front seats benefit from sufficient room, but rear space is rather limited, even in the five-door version. Despite the Shogun Pinin being designed for five people, it comfortably accommodates four passengers, but one extra might be a bit of a squeeze, especially over lengthy journeys. The firm suspension is certainly beneficial off-road, but you pay the price inside the cabin, with the bouncy ride aggravating the overall driving experience.

On the whole, the interior ambience is fairly disappointing, although there is only a reasonable level of space that can be expected from a compacted off-roader.