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View all Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin used prices

Search all Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin used car prices. Basic valuations, unadjusted for mileage or any options fitted, are free. To access more precise Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin valuations, taking into account exact mileage and any value-adding extras fitted such as sat-nav, there's a small charge.

All versions

  • 1.8 GDI 3d


  • 1.8 MPi Animal 3d
  • 1.8 MPi Animal 3d Auto
  • 2.0 GDi Animal 5d
  • 2.0 GDi Animal 5d Auto


  • Attivo 3d
  • Attivo 3d Auto

Attivo II

  • 1.8 MPi Attivo II 3d
  • 1.8 MPi Attivo II 3d Auto
  • 1.8 MPi Attivo II 5d
  • 1.8 MPi Attivo II 5d Auto
  • 2.0 GDi Attivo II 5d
  • 2.0 GDi Attivo II 5d Auto


  • 1.8 GDI Classic 3d
  • 1.8 MPI Classic 3d
  • 1.8 MPI Classic 3d Auto
  • 1.8 MPI Classic 5d
  • 1.8 MPI Classic 5d Auto


  • 1.8 GDI Elegance 3d
  • 1.8 GDI Elegance 3d Auto
  • 1.8 MPI Elegance 3d
  • 1.8 MPI Elegance 3d Auto
  • 2.0 GDI Elegance 3d
  • 2.0 GDI Elegance 3d Auto
  • 2.0 GDI Elegance 5d
  • 2.0 GDI Elegance 5d Auto


  • 1.8 GDI Equippe 3d
  • 1.8 GDI Equippe 3d Auto
  • 1.8 MPI Equippe 3d
  • 1.8 MPI Equippe 3d Auto (01)
  • 1.8 MPI Equippe 3d Auto (03)
  • 2.0 GDI Equippe 5d
  • 2.0 GDI Equippe 5d Auto


  • 1.8 GDI GLS 3d
  • 1.8 GDI GLS 3d Auto


  • 1.8 GDI GLX 3d
  • 1.8 GDI GLX 3d Auto


  • 2.0 GDI Mirage 3d
  • 2.0 GDI Mirage 3d Auto


  • Vivo 3d
  • Vivo 3d Auto
  • 2.0 GDI Vivo 5d
  • 2.0 GDI Vivo 5d Auto

Vivo II

  • 1.8 MPi Vivo II 3d
  • 1.8 MPi Vivo II 3d Auto


  • 2.0 GDi Warrior 5d
  • 2.0 GDi Warrior 5d Auto

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