Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

The driving position and look of the cabin is a world away from the 206 CC. With a height and reach-adjustable steering wheel and a height adjustable seat it’s easier to get comfortable. Plus the driver’s seat slides back further too, to give drivers with longer legs more room. However, headroom is still tight and visibility isn’t great. With the roof up (which is how a 207 CC will spend most of its life), the view is restricted at the front by very thick windscreen pillars and at the rear by rollover hoops and a small screen.

With the roof down there’s less of a problem, although the shape and position of the windscreen pillars impede entry. The seatbelt is also set very far back.

This is strictly a two seater as it’s almost impossible to use the two rear seats even for occasional use. The seats are small and there’s no legroom whatsoever – especially if there’s a tall driver in front. It’s best to think of them as an extension of the boot area – it’s an easy area to access, which is ideal for dropping in bags after a shopping spree.

The 207 CC is well trimmed inside though – especially when fitted with the optional upholstery – and feels better quality than many other small cabriolets on the market. The climate control system can tell when you’ve got the roof down and adjusts the temperature accordingly. There’s also a built-in air freshener for year-round sweet smells.