Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Miles per pound (mpp) Miles per pound (mpp)

Reliable fuel consumption data for comparison purposes is not available for this model.

Fuel economy

A more stringent standard for fuel economy (WLTP) was introduced from September 2017, and this model was not required to undergo that test. Its fuel economy measured under the previous test system was 38 - 58 mpg. However these figures are less likely to be achievable in real world driving and so should never be compared to another car's mpg which was measured under the newer, more realistic WLTP system.

All models return good fuel economy and insurance groups are 8 for Sport, 9 for GT and 12 for the top 150bhp GT – all comparing well with other small convertibles. Peugeot parts and servicing are usually affordable and the 207 CC only needs to be serviced every two years if you’re covering a low mileage. Residual values are better than other cars in this class such as the Mitsubishi CZC and Nissan Micra C+C.

The 207 CC isn’t especially green with average emissions of 157g/km CO2 across the model line-up. There are no low emissions versions so the cleanest model is the HDi which emits 130g/km of CO2 and returns 56mpg.

The original 206 CC had some teething troubles – most notably the roof that would get stuck while closing. However, that car was the first of its type and the problems were quickly sorted. But we’re holding off judgement until we’ve heard from owners.

Ongoing running costs

Road tax (12 months) £30 - £265
See tax rates for all versions
Insurance group 16 - 24
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