Peugeot 207 SW: Filling the boot

Guitars, amps and a drum kit

Fitting band equipment into the boot of any car is always a tricky affair. You think you will get more in than you can, but more often than not, end up having to stick the odd drum or two on the passenger's lap.

A recent gig in Hertfordshire gave me the chance to test the 207 SW's carrying ability. And as I began to fill the boot with more and more equipment I was pleasantly surprised at just how much would actually fit.

The fact the seats fold down completely flat makes a bigger difference and means that nothing sticks up at awkward angles. This makes loading much easier as you're able to push and pull things around like a large puzzle.

In the end we managed to pack in a full drum kit as well as a guitar amp, bass amp and a couple of guitars. There was even a little room to spare and a clear passenger seat.


Performance time  

Even with a boot full of heavy equipment, the 207’s 1.6-litre diesel still has plenty to give. There was more than enough power for the odd piece of over-taking and it had no problems in picking up pace from the numerous roundabouts on the A1 from my house in Peterborough down to Hertfordshire.

The 207 SW coped really well with such a heavy load. Unfortunately this might actually turn out to be a bad thing for me, as it looks like I will be driving the equipment to every gig within the next six months!

Current mileage: 2912

Average mpg: 43.9