Peugeot 207 SW: Passenger problem

Car sick in corners

A trip to Sheffield revealed one of the major problems for passengers in the Peugeot. While I'm holding on as I go round corners and numerous roundabouts along the A1, I never noticed how much it rolls in the corners.

This soon changed as the person I had in the front started to complain about feeling car sick. We had only been in the car for 45 minutes and I put it down to my passenger moaning for no reason.

On the return journey it was just 20 minutes before the complaints started and this time I put it down to a hangover. It wasn't until two others complained and made me sit in the passenger seat that I finally conceded that it was actually a problem.

In the back

For the people in the back space is an issue too. With two passengers about six-foot tall both had to keep moving to get comfortable and didn't have enough leg room.

It also meant there was limited space in the middle seat. This highlights why the 207 SW is best for fitting in a small family with young children rather than a fully grown group of four.

The one bonus for the cramped passengers was the glass roof which they were well impressed with and wouldn't stop mentioning on the hour and 45 minute journey.

Current mileage: 5501

Average mpg: 45.5