Peugeot 207 SW: Winter weather

The big freeze hits

So the 'arctic' weather predictions were true. We have been hit with the biggest snowfall since 1991 and temperatures have plunged below freezing. The Peugeot's windscreen has been covered with a thick layer of ice most mornings and unfortunately the 207 isn't the best at dealing with it.

Sitting in the car for 10 minutes waiting for the windscreen to clear starts to become tedious - not to mention very cold. This seems a long time, especially compared to the Ford Mondeo with the Quickclear windscreen and even the Audi A6 that, like the Peugeot, relies on just the air con.

Beating the blizzard

As most people enjoyed a 'snow day' and failed to make it to work, (annoyingly) the Peugeot coped well with the treachorous conditions. So while others had a long lay-in escaping the cold, I was sitting in queues of traffic where the usual 10 minute trip to work took almost an hour.

Although most of my drive is along main roads, some of the other traffic struggled in the weather or gave up altogether, while the light 207 SW showed no signs of problems.

The traction control came in useful on a couple of occasions, especially tackling the few hills on the way, and I soon found myself one of the few people who had actually made it to work!

Current mileage: 5389

Average mpg: 45.1