Peugeot 207 SW: Good points, bad points

The 207's pros and cons

I've had the Peugeot 207 SW for a couple of months now and while it has handled most things, I have noticed a few problems along the way.

The good points

I've done a fair amount of long distance journeys, including a trip to Wrexham and back in one night, but comfort has been impressive considering this is essentially a small car. It's thanks mainly to the sport seats which offer a good driving position (although these are only available on the Sport and Outdoor models).

My favourite feature is still the glass roof. Even after driving it everyday it hasn't lost its novelty value and makes the inside feel a lot more spacious than it actually is. The parking sensors have also been very useful when getting in to tight spaces and are well worth the extra £325.

The Bad points

My biggest complaint is the gearbox. I constantly find myself struggling to get it into fifth and having recently driven the new Ford Fiesta I can really tell just how bad the Peugeot transmission is.

Another problem is more straightforward - the price. With the Skoda Fabia Estate  2 1.9 TDI available for £1100 less than the Peugeot, it has become increasingly difficult to justify the price tag. Most people are shocked when I tell them the 207 SW will cost £13,845 before extras.

True the 207 SW HDi is fractionally more economical, averaging 61mpg compared to 58mpg, but the Fabia Estate offers 50% more boot space and has a more powerful engine too.

Current mileage: 4962

Average mpg: 44.3