Peugeot 207 SW: CO2 confusion

The simple task of tax

Finding out how much your road tax is should be a simple task. Any car registered before the 1st March 2001 is judged on engine size. For cars registered after this, the amount of tax is determined by CO2 emissions - stated on the vehicles V5 log book.

Sounds straightforward, but when it came to finding out how much a 207 SW HDi costs it started to get slightly complicated. It should be Band B which is £35 a year. Indeed that's what it says on the tax disc.

But further investigaton showed that our particular model was listed in various Peugeot literature with two different emissions - and the difference meant paying either £35 or £120 a year in road tax.

It seemed that any 207 SW HDi 90 models registered between 2nd July 2007 and 14th January 2008 emit 123g/km of CO2 (so sit in Band C), while any registered after that date emit 119g/km and so qualify for the cheaper Band B. Rather confusing!

Confusion cleared up

I eventually managed to get hold of a Peugeot spokesman who cleared things up. Apparently the figures changed because Peugeot wanted to improve the emissions of all cars and specifically those (like this one) that were just short of a lower threshold.

So if you're considering buying a diesel Peugeot, make sure you check the date it was registered and find out exactly how much tax you'll be paying!

Current mileage: 4520

Average mpg: 43.2