Peugeot 508 SW: First problem arises

  • Sat-nav suddenly cuts out for no reason
  • Completely wrong location shown on map
  • First problem I’ve had with the Peugeot

My time in the Peugeot 508 SW has so far been trouble-free and the car has proved to be excellent.

On a recent trip to Liverpool, however, I was confronted with my first problem with the French estate.

As I was coming to a rather confusing four-lane intersection, and was attempting to concentrate on which direction and lane I needed to be in, the sat-nav suddenly stopped and turned off.

It didn’t just turn off to black and come on at the switch of a button. Instead I was greeted by the black screen with a white line across the middle, much like the way old fashioned televisions used to look when you turned them off.

With four passengers to deliver to the right location, what followed was me pushing the power button numerous times to try to restore the directions I needed. This didn’t seem to work at all and it was a good couple of minutes before the sat-nav finally came back on.

Once working again all seemed fine again and we managed to get where we were aiming for. As nothing else had cut-out and stopped working I thought it might just be a small blip and got on with things. Some other trips with the sat-nav all seemed to be ok and I forgot about the problem.

That is until one morning on my daily commute, from London to Peterborough, something else seemed to be wrong.

As the map on the sat nav shows any potential traffic jams I was doing the usual check to see if my normal route was nice and clear. The only problem was that it had suddenly placed me in the wrong part of the country.

By the time I got to Peterborough and the Bauer car park, the map claimed that I was somewhere between High Wycombe and Slough (shown in the picture above). Now my geography isn’t fantastic but I’m sure, after almost four years, that I know the location of our office.

Again I decided that this wasn’t a big problem that I should be too worried about and left it. When I got back in to the car in the afternoon the issue seemed to have rectified itself again and the sat-nav placed me in the correct location.

Now, while these problems have been a little annoying, they haven’t been major catastrophes. If something like this happens again it may be time to get in touch with my nearest Peugeot garage, however.

Current mileage: 8,775 miles

Average mpg: 50.1