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Peugeot 607 Saloon engines, drive and performance

2000 - 2009 (change model)
Performance rating: 3.5 out of 53.5

Written by Simon Harris Published: 6 June 2019 Updated: 6 June 2019

Newest engine in the 607 line-up is a twin-turbo 2.2 HDi diesel developing 170bhp and producing 277lb-ft of torque from just 1500rpm. It allows the car to cover the 0-62mph sprint in 9.3 seconds, almost as quickly as the petrol 3.0 V6 model. A six-speed manual transmission is fitted to the 2.2 HDi (and all diesel models since 2004). Mainstay of the range is the 3.0 V6 which has been available virtually unchanged since the car was launched in 2000.

The V6 is only available with an automatic transmission and in its most recent incarnation produces 211bhp and 218lb-ft of torque. Brisk rather than rapid, but always refined. Originally available with 2.0-litre and 2.2-litre petrol engines, but these were discontinued in 2004 and 2005 respectively. The earliest diesel 607s came with a 136bhp 2.2 HDi which seem more refined with manual gearboxes rather than an automatic, as the four-speed auto’s keenness to kick down to second gear when an extra burst of speed is needed gives the engine a raucous note.

An economical 110bhp 2.0 HDi was introduced in 2001, which copes valiantly trying to balance decent performance with the weight of this large saloon. This was later upgraded to a new 2.0 HDi with 136bhp, which effectively replaced manual versions of the earlier 2.2 HDi.

Peugeot has revised the suspension and brakes for the 2006 2.2 HDi model making it feel much more responsive on the road. The car resists body roll in corners very well, with precise steering although lacking the feel of more sport-oriented saloons. The 607 offers plenty of grip, while power levels are never so high as to provoke much wheelspin at the front, although traction control was not made standard until 2005.

Electronic stability control, which can correct the car’s line during a skid by cutting power and/or braking individual wheels, has been standard on the Peugeot 607 since January 2005.