Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

The interior apes the dashboard layout of the Panamera four-door. The centre console features an array of buttons and controls and although, it looks fancy it can be quite confusing. Thankfully the sat nav and audio controls are easy to understand and intuitive, but the absence of steering-wheel-mounted audio controls on the lower-spec models make life difficult.

There are three suspension settings: normal, sports and comfort. There's little difference in feeling between the Porsche Cayenne comfort and normal setting but a demonstrable change when you select sport. The sport setting firms the suspension up and it is really only useful when you feel like driving in a spirited fashion on a twisty B-road. On the motorway it makes sense to opt for the comfort setting, but normal does the job just as well.

The seats are beautifully made and wonderfully cossetting. The electronic settings allow you to find a decent driving position within seconds and you don't have to spend an age trying to adjust the steering wheel either. There are cars that have systems that electronically firm up the side cushions as you corner, but the Porsche seats are so good that you just don't need this kind of technology.