Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1
  • Distinctive dashboard layout
  • Touchscreen may take some getting used to
  • Slick dials and easy to get comfortable

On the face of it, the Megane is unlike most of its rivals inside. Higher-spec models come with an 8.7-inch R-Link 2 portrait-oriented touchscreen that dominates the centre console and controls all of the car’s functions.

It looks great and is very easy to use once you get used to the various menus on offer – it’s certainly more user-friendly than the smaller screen set-up in lesser models, and other cars in Renault’s line-up.

The only concern we have is with the area surrounding the screen which picks up fingerprints very easily. There are a few touch-sensitive areas to quickly go to the home screen or change any driver-assistance settings, but it’s game over as soon as you touch it with a greasy finger. You’ll be cleaning it for weeks.

This screen, in combination with the slick digital dials in place of a traditional instrument panel, makes the inside of the Sport Tourer feel modern and slick inside.

Plastics are largely good quality – the top of the dash and door panels are soft and squidgy, but other areas lower down the interior are a bit scratchier. We’ve seen worse, though, and it’s easy to find a comfortable driving position thanks to a good range of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel.

  • Excellent ride quality on regular Megane STs
  • GT models have a stiffer, harsher set-up
  • Refinement is very good on the whole


As we’ve seen in the Megane Hatch, the Sport Tourer strikes an excellent balance between comfort and driver fun.

The ride is supple and comfortable, even over rougher surfaces, refinement at all speeds is kept under control – it’s a relaxing car to spend time in if you go for a model that doesn’t have huge alloy wheels.

Sportier GT models have a stiffer suspension set-up and those larger rims, so these are prone to crashing over harsher bumps in the road, while road noise is also more pronounced. However, the supportive and comfortable sports seats help take the edge off somewhat.