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Parkers overall rating: 5 out of 5 5.0

Miles per pound (mpp) Miles per pound (mpp)

Reliable fuel consumption data for comparison purposes is not available for this model.

Fuel economy

A more stringent standard for fuel economy (WLTP) was introduced from September 2017, and this model was not required to undergo that test. Its fuel economy measured under the previous test system was 17 - 18 mpg. However these figures are less likely to be achievable in real world driving and so should never be compared to another car's mpg which was measured under the newer, more realistic WLTP system.

If you’re considering a Phantom then chances are running costs aren’t too much of a concern. It’s incredibly expensive to buy, service and insure. Economy is poor too with an average of just 18mpg and as little as 12mpg in town, but the 100-litre tank means you won’t have to fuel it too often.

With its large 6.7-litre petrol engine and average fuel consumption figure of just 18mpg, it’s no surprise that the Phantom gets a rock-bottom eco score. It emits 377g/km CO2, which is exceptionally poor compared to the average family car. A petrol Mondeo will typically emit about 170g/km of CO2 for instance. The only saving grace is that buyers of these sorts of cars tend to do fewer miles per year than those that own average family cars.

Expect BMW levels of reliability. We’ve heard of no major problems so far with the Phantom.

Ongoing running costs

Road tax (12 months) £360 - £630
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Insurance group Not available
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