Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5
  • Revised dash from the VW Up
  • More personalisation options
  • Easy to get comfy and operate

Sitting in the driver’s seat of the Citigo you get the impression this is a grown-up car. There’s switchgear from other Skoda models and the materials used feel robust and of good quality. Fixtures and fittings seem very well screwed together and there’s also surprisingly good visibility, meaning you can always see what’s around you.

It’s very easy to find a comfortable driving position, too, thanks to a wide range of adjustment in the seats and steering wheel, plus there’s a great sense of space thanks to large windows and dashboard/centre console that aren’t too bulky.

The big windows and skinny pillars also mean visibility is very good, and even Monte Carlo models with black headlining feel spacious inside.

Excellent quality and slick infotainment

Before it was facelifted, the Citigo’s interior was solid and easy to use, but offered very little in the way of flair and excitement.

Skoda Citigo infotainment

Now though, different colours can be specified for the full-width section of the dashboard to brighten things up, while the controls themselves have been redesigned.

They’re now very slick and easy to use, and while the main infotainment controls don’t feature a touchscreen, it’s very easy to use thanks to a really crisp little screen and easy-to-use buttons below it. It’s the same for the heating and ventilation controls, which are sited high up on the dashboard for easier access.

Some models also come with a smartphone cradle located on top of the dashboard. When fitted, a Skoda app called Move&Fun can be downloaded. Everything – including sat-nav – is controlled through this system. It makes using an infotainment system familiar for drivers who spend a lot of time using their phone when they’re not driving.


  • Very composed ride
  • Soaks up bumps very well
  • Seats especially comfortable

Skoda’s engineers have done a great job when it comes to the quality of the Citigo’s ride. It feels incredibly grown-up and not at all like a small city car. Bumps and holes in the road are soaked up incredibly well and it’s a very comfortable place to be.

It’s especially noticeable when you drive through a city with potholed streets, drain covers and broken surfaces – only the very worst of these will really thud through the cabin. In this sense, the Citigo not only feels incredibly capable, but also very solidly built.

The front seats deserve special mention too – they’re not only extremely comfortable and supportive but they’re stylish too, with the integrated headrests giving it a modern and funky feel.

Skoda Citigo rear seats

There’s genuinely enough room for four adults too, but taller passengers won’t want to spend extended periods of time in the rear seats if they’re behind a particularly tall driver. There’s a really impressive amount of space on offer for such a small car, though.

You can’t hear much in the way of wind or road noise but that lively engine does tend to get a bit vocal if you edge into the upper echelons of the rev range.

If you’re looking to make more use of those rear seats, it’s worth buying the five-door version. Although it doesn’t look as good, the additional practicality of this bidy style makes it the one to have for small families.