Parkers overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 4.6

Should you buy a Skoda Kodiaq?

Yes, if you're after the maximum space for your money. We like it so much that we awarded the Kodiaq the Best Seven-Seater car in the 2018 Parkers new car awards. It didn't win just because it's great value, but because the Kodiaq is good to drive, honest, dependable, and looks great in a chunky way.

Keenly priced, spacious and well-specified, the Kodiaq is every bit the pragmatic choice you'd expect from Skoda. Whether you choose petrol, diesel, two- or all-wheel drive, running costs are also admirably low. Plus, the handsome styling helps make this one the most desirable cars Skoda has ever produced.

For a car so large – and capable of carrying so many passengers and luggage – it’s the two diesels that make the most sense. The slick DSG automatic gearbox suits the car extremely well, too. The petrols are better if you cover fewer miles per year, but they're smooth and responsive enough for most.

List prices start lower than rivals, such as the Hyundai Santa Fe, Land Rover Discovery Sport and closely-related Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace – though most buyers will want to go for a mid-range model to get useful equipment such as sat-nav.

Unless you must have the sportiest looking Kodiaq, opting for a mid-range SE L with a punchier, more efficient diesel engine is a better bet. Not only do you get largely the same interior and equipment list, it'll also be cheaper to buy and run for most users regularly covering longer distances.

The premium for a seven-seat model isn't too large on SE models and as these are usable even for adults – while still leaving enough space for a full house and luggage – they're a worthwhile investment. With lots of kit thrown in, you shouldn't have to tick many boxes on the options list.

This means that you should get plenty of car for your cash. Skoda dealerships have a good reputation for the service they provide and are often good value compared with other manufacturers, too. The Skoda network is also large, meaning that you shouldn't have to travel far to find your nearest showroom.

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