Parkers overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 4.6

Should you buy a Skoda Superb Estate?

Absolutely – it’s one of the best large family cars out there. Describing it as cheap would be misleading, but it does offer great value for money compared with its rivals, whether you’re considering the amount of metal your cash buys, or the level of equipment on offer. A vast number of trims are offered, with all Superbs featuring alloy wheels, multi-function buttons on the leather-wrapped steering wheel, LED lights, a touchscreen infotainment system and smartphone connectivity.

Move to the higher end of the range and things become genuinely luxurious with plush materials that, in combination with the Superb’s fine ride, comfortable seats and impressive refinement, make it a great all-rounder. It’s a genuine rival for far more expensive estate cars. 

The Superb iV plug-in hybrid version adds significant appeal to the range, and the good news is that it’s an excellent choice on the road as well as in terms of taxation. It’s a relaxed cruiser, has the potential for astronomical fuel economy if you keep the miles down – and on longer runs, 50mpg-plus is still on the cars. Although it lags behind the diesel for fuel consumption for high-mileage drivers, if your lifestyle supports a PHEV, this is our pick of the range.

Overall, it’s a front-running family estate car combining space, pace and decent value, especially on Skoda’s competitive monthly PCP finance as well as competitive personal leasing deals. Compared with its immediate rivals, such as the Mondeo and Passat, it’s still the one to have in this class – and it’s good enough for those looking for a good value alternative to premium offerings from BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Praise indeed.

Skoda Superb estate (2020) rear view