Parkers overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 4.1
  • Super-low driving position
  • Hard wearing plastics and materials
  • Lacks the appeal of pricier rivals

Subaru BRZ: what's it like inside?

The cabin of the BRZ is aimed squarely at facilitating driving enjoyment and minimising distractions by making everything clear and easy to use.

All the controls are within easy reach of the driver; the seating position is fabulously low meaning an engaging drive and lower centre of gravity, and the gearlever placed perfectly. A 4.2-inch LCD display in the instrument panel shows G-force, steering angle, brake force, a lap timer plus torque and power curves for instant reference.

The seats are extremely supportive and surprisingly comfortable considering how sports-orientated this car is, plus the pedals are well-spaced too, which makes enthusiastic driving easier.

The 4.2-inch screen in the Subaru BRZ's instrument binnacle can display many driving parameters

Visibility is fairly good, although in typical coupe fashion it’s difficult to see over your shoulder at the car’s blindspot thanks to the small rear windows.

Everything in the cabin feels hard wearing and constructed to last, plus it has been chosen for its non-shiny nature in order to cut down on windscreen reflections.

The flipside of that is that some of the plastics and materials aren’t particularly nice to look at or touch. The touchscreen is a little frustrating to operate at times too, with a stubby volume knob that can be hard to grip.

  • Seats hold you in place
  • They’re also very comfy
  • Hard work to drive in town

Subaru BRZ: how comfortable is it?

Considering its singularity of purpose, there’s not a lot to complain about regarding the level of comfort in a Subaru BRZ.

The ride is surprisingly compliant compared with other modern sports cars thanks to the 17-inch wheels with fairly fat tyres.

A sound generator increases the noise of the engine from 4,000rpm where the aggressive-sounding engine is fairly vocal, but it’s quiet below this, and there isn’t much in the way of wind or road noise to annoy the driver.

The front seats in the Subaru BRZ are extremely comfortable

The (front) seats deserve special mention in this section as they’re supportive but without being too hard. Those in the back are merely decoration – anyone taller than an infant will feel very squashed, though they’re good for shopping bags.

Our only complaint really is its belligerent nature in slow traffic – after a while the weight of the controls and grumpy idle gets quite draining.