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Subaru Forester PARKERS review


Bridging the divide between a compact, four-wheel drive estate and a fully-fledged SUV is the Subaru Forester, or to be more precise, four generations of it so far since the first appeared in the UK back in 1997. 

It’s a concept rivals were slow to catch onto but when they did they tended to make their versions look more overtly like regular 4x4s. Like the Audi Q3 is similar to an A3 underneath and the Ford Kuga isn’t dissimilar to its Focus sibling, the Forester shares much of its hardware with the Subaru Impreza. That first generation even shared its dashboard. 

All Subaru Foresters feature the firm’s AWD four-wheel drive system and ‘boxer’ engines – imagine a ‘V’ formation engine with the angle between the cylinders widened out to 180 degrees.