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A niche choice, and likely to stay that way

If owning the vehicle isn’t too important to you, you might want to consider leasing as an alternative to purchasing a car outright. You can search over 16 Subaru Impreza lease deals available from just £402 per month at Parkers with national delivery available.
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If there’s one car that defines the Subaru brand in the UK, it’s the Impreza. First offered here in 1993 we’ve got the late Colin McRae to thanks for its infamy or fame depending on your point of view.

Campaigned successfully on the world’s rally stages by the gung-ho Scotsman, the turbo model quickly lit the blue (and gold) touchpaper for Subaru’s success.

From then on the five-door estate and four-door saloon models were made available in a number of versions including high-performance turbo special editions and lower-power but higher-economy front-wheel drive Sport model.

In 2000 a limited edition two-door saloon ‘P1’ was offered with rally-inspired blue paint and a high performance turbo engine.