Parkers overall rating: 2.5 out of 5 2.5

Robust and practical best sums up the interior. It’s well put together and feels like it will happily endure years of abuse, but the design is drab and it’s dominated by dull grey plastics. The switchgear and column stalks are far from upmarket and although the steering wheel and blue dials have a sporty feel to them there’s little else to get excited about.

The driving position is good and there’s plenty of adjustment in both the seat and steering wheel but overall everything seems rather dated and it doesn’t reflect the price tag.

Entry-level cars come with fabric seats while XS models get leather, however both are very comfortable, even if they do lack side support. Overall Subaru Forester comfort levels are acceptabl. The ride is good – on a smooth and level surface, however uneven roads cause it to pitch and wallow excessively which can leave passengers feeling ill. It’s better on the motorway but still never quite settles down and there’s constant movement in the cabin.

There’s also noticeable wind and road noise