Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Should you buy a Suzuki Across?

There’s a lot to like about the Suzuki Across – and if you want a fast, yet spacious family SUV with the ability to drive around town, or from the suburbs into the city, with no tailpipe emissions even over a longer distance – the Across is an excellent choice.

Except, of course you could buy a Toyota RAV4 instead.

There are good reasons to choose the Suzuki. Its dealerships are often in more rural locations and tend to be smaller, family-owned businesses, making customer loyalty a real selling point, and it’s usefully cheaper if you’re a cash buyer.

It’s a very good car, too – economical, capable of a useful distance without needing the engine at all, yet powerful when needed. Build quality is every bit as good as you’d expect, and it even has details like double-glazed front side windows to improve refinement.

However, Suzuki only offer one grade of Across, and despite a near-£2,000 saving on list price, it’s only (slightly) less well-equipped than the RAV4. That lower price has to be achieved with savings elsewhere, as the RAV4 plug-in hybrid it’s based on is only offered in the highest grades.

Suzuki Across – best for leasing and short-term ownership

While the Across loses a couple of minor items compared with the RAV4 in Dynamic trim, the much lower price is achieved primarily though the warranty package. Suzuki’s three years and 60,000 miles compared with five years, 100,000 miles from Toyota is a big enough difference, but the hybrid battery warranty on the RAV4 extends to 15 years with proper servicing – Suzuki only offers five years and the same 60,000 mile cap.

Because Suzuki doesn’t always offer finance deals as competitive as Toyota’s you may end up paying more per month (and overall) for a cheaper car with a shorter warranty – if you go the finance route – or just paying the list price difference in extended warranty coverage.

It’s definitely one for company car drivers unconcerned by long-term ownership, though, and with such a low Benefit-in Kind tax rating helped by the reduced list price, the Across could find more drivers than you expect – and be something of a used car bargain when it’s a few years old.

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