Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

What should I consider when buying a used Suzuki SX4?

  • Want 4×4? Look for a Fiat Sedici too – they’re a little harder to find, but more of them have all-wheel drive
  • On higher-priced examples look for good history, including tyres replaced as full sets on 4×4 models – not critical, but good practice
  • Also on 4×4 models – make sure the system is working properly. It can be locked in front wheel drive, left in auto with a variable front/rear split, or locked in 4×4
  • Interior trim is basic, but tough
  • Rust protection is fairly average, so check older examples particularly around the front crossmember
  • Later petrol models are preferable for power and economy
  • Check 1.6 diesel for EGR and turbo faults, also injector leaks
  • Check 1.9/2.0 diesel for starting issues, particulate filter blockage

How much should I pay for a Suzuki SX4?

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Suzuki SX4