Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 3.9

Should you buy a Toyota Camry Saloon?

Despite the claims of the firm’s senior project engineer for this car, it’s not a saloon you would choose to drive for sheer driving enjoyment.

It’s a shame that this assertion for its abilities was made, because as a comfortable, refined easy-to-drive and inexpensive-to-run cruiser, the Toyota Camry works well and should find favour with user choosers who are more keen on the traditional lines of a four-door than a newer-fangled SUV.

Compared with other traditional saloons, the Camry's hybrid-only powertrain makes it somewhat of an outlier. While a decade ago we might have thought this to its detriment, Toyota's nonstop development means that the Camry's engine is truly one of its stronger points. Powerful enough but mostly smooth, refined and efficient, it's an ideal match for the relaxed driver - and so much more appealing than a diesel for the majority of usage cases.

Those relaxed drivers will also approve of the comfortable interior and suspension tuning.

As for ease of ownership, we struggle to think of a more ironclad recommendation than this Camry when it comes to reliability. With a long warranty and impeccable reputation, we suspect many will outlast their owners.

If you're looking for excitement, look elsewhere - and do the same if you need family-friendly practicality, as an estate or SUV will run circles around the Camry's awkward saloon boot. But if you're simply after a comfortable, relaxed cruiser, this is more than a worthy replacement for the old Avensis.