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Search a full range of facts and figures for Toyota Camry cars. Parkers has a comprehensive list of Toyota Camry cars right up to the current day so whether you want to know about road tax bands, fuel consumption figures and performance figures for Toyota Camry cars, we’ve got all the answers here. Select which entire Toyota Camry model you are interested in by clicking on the model below or if you can’t see the car you are interested in click ‘View all models’ below.

Latest models

We have 1 specifications for the latest Toyota Camry:

Older models

Saloon (5 models)

2001 - 2003

1996 - 2001

1991 - 1996

1984 - 1991

1984 - 1988

Estate (2 models)

1991 - 1996

1984 - 1991

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