Vauxhall Vivaro dimensions (2019-on)

On this page you’ll find the full dimensions, payload and towing data for the third-generation Vauxhall Vivaro launched in 2019.

For information on how the Vivaro drives, its standard equipment and its value, see our dedicated review page by clicking on the tab above.

Capacity & size

4 out of 5 4.0

The Vivaro is a medium van, with a payload rating that’s close to the top of the class, but it only comes in two body sizes, with no option of a higher roof. This makes it one of the least customisable mid-size vans on the market – though double cab versions (with a second row of seats) and platform cab variants (suitable for conversions) are also available.

While this page mostly deals with the panel van, the double cab crew van is worth a mention, as the entry-level version is available with a movable bulkhead, which is unusual in this class. Every other Vivaro van comes with a fixed steel bulkhead as standard, including the higher-spec double cabs.

Plenty of practical features

Every Vivaro is also fitted with twin sliding side doors as standard, adding to its practicality. You can even elect to have these electrically operated if you’re prepared to venture into the options list – with a ‘hands-free’ opening mechanism that’s activated by the keyholder waving their foot under the rear bumper on the side of the van they want the door to open. Very clever.

Vauxhall Vivaro FlexCargo load-through bulkhead, side view

From the mid-spec Sportive model upwards, a FlexCargo load-through bulkhead is standard as well. This comes in combination with a dual passenger seat (not that there’s much room for the middle passenger in one of these) where the seat closest to the door can be moved up and out of the way to increase loading room.

This means longer items such as pipes and planks can be extended right through into the passenger footwell, or that space can be used to securely carry boxes. A cargo net clips into place in such instances to protect the driver.

How big is the Vauxhall Vivaro?

At launch the latest Vivaro comes in L1 and L2 body lengths, but only a single roof height, labelled H1. There's only a single wheebase as well, though no doubt some will call the two body sizes SWB and LWB, despite this meaning short-wheelbase and long-wheelbase.

Vauxhall Vivaro side view, Edition, grey

In the future an even shorter body length may be added (potentially to be called the Vivaro Compact), but no firm decision has been made. If you do want a van this size, the Vauxhall’s sister models the Citroen Dispatch, Peugeot Partner and Toyota Proace are already available in this configuration.

Here’s a table of the full Vauxhall Vivaro van exterior dimensions:

Vauxhall Vivaro van L1 L2
Exterior length (mm) 4,959 5,309
Exterior height (mm) TBC TBC
Exterior width with door mirrors (mm) 2,204 2,204
Exterior width without door mirrors (mm) 1,920 1,920
Wheelbase (mm) 3,275 3,275
Front overhang (mm) 881 881
Rear overhang (mm) 803 1,153
Ground clearance (mm) 150 150


Vauxhall Vivaro load area dimensions

The engineers have really made the most of the Vivaro’s relatively compressed footprint, and despite an exterior roof height that’s very car park friendly there is still plenty of load space inside.

This table covers all the Vauxhall Vivaro van load area dimensions:

Vauxhall Vivaro double cab van L1 L2
Maximum standard load length (mm) 2,512 2,862
Load length with FlexCargo (mm)  2,017 2,365
Minimum load length (mm) 2,185 2,535
Maximum load height (mm) 1,397 1,397
Maximum load width (mm) 1,628 1,628
Width between the wheelarches (mm) 1,258 1,258
Rear door opening height (mm) 1,220 1,220
Rear door opening width (mm) 1,282 1,282
Standard load volume (cubic metres) 5.3 6.1
Load volume with FlexCargo (cubic m) 5.8 6.6


The Vivaro double cab has smaller load area dimensions due to the additional row of seating:

Vauxhall Vivaro van L1 L2
Maximum standard load length (mm) 2,017 2,365
Minimum load length (mm) 1,352 1,700
Maximum load height (mm) 1,397 1,397
Maximum load width (mm) 1,628 1,628
Width between the wheelarches (mm) 1,258 1,258
Rear door opening height (mm) 1,220 1,220
Rear door opening width (mm) 1,282 1,282
Standard load volume (cubic metres) 3.2 4.0
Load volume with folding bulkhead (cubic m) 4.7 5.5

Payload, weight & towing

4.5 out of 5 4.5

The Vivaro comes in three gross vehicle weights (GVW) labelled 2700, 2900 and 3100, plus an extra one for the 180hp automatic labelled 3000. Since these dictate the total legal weight of the van and everything in it, you have to be careful to match this to your maximum payload requirements.

For although the Vivaro is capable of carrying over 1.4 tonnes in its strongest configuration, only a few versions actually have the specification necessary to do this.

Vauxhall Vivaro payload and GVW

Here’s a full breakdown of the Vivaro’s payload ratings:

Vauxhall Vivaro Body Kerbweight (kg) GVW (kg) Payload (kg)
2700 1.5 100hp L1 1,660 2,635 975
2700 1.5 120hp L1 1,581 2,660 1,079
2900 1.5 100hp L1 1,660 2,830 1,170
3100 2.0 120hp L1 1,642 3,100 1,458
3100 2.0 150hp L1 1,642 3,100 1,458
3000 2.0 180hp L1 1,682 3,100 1,418
2900 1.5 100hp L2 1,770 2,830 1,060 
3100 2.0 120hp L2 1,685 3,100 1,415
3100 2.0 150hp L2 1,685 3,100 1,415 
3100 2.0 120hp L1 double cab 1,752 3,060 1,308
3100 2.0 150hp L1 double cab 1,752 3,060 1,308
3000 2.0 180hp L1 double cab 1,765 3,000 1,235
3100 2.0 120hp L2 double cab 1,770 2,940 1,170


Other useful things to know are that the maximum front axle load on all models in 1,500kg, while the rear axle load is the same for models labelled 2700, and goes up to 1,800kg for the 2900 and 3100 models.

Maximum roof load is 170kg on all Vivaros.

Vauxhall Vivaro towing capacity

All Vivaros have an unbraked towing capacity rating of 750kg.

With a braked trailer, 100hp models can tow up to 1,400kg, 120hp 1.5-litre models can tow up to 1,800kg, and all 2.0-litres except the 180hp automatic can tow 2,500kg – a significant increase over the previous Vivaro.

The auto can tow 2,000kg.