Used Mitsubishi L200 (1988 - 2006) Review

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3.5 out of 5


Mitsubishi L200 (88-06)

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Good all-rounder, car-like accessories available on top models
Surpassed by newer rivals

After years as market leader in the double-cab pick-up market the L200 is beginning to show its age, but still has plenty to offer. Range is effectively split into two camps - the 4Work aimed at those who use the vehicles mainly for business, and the 4Life, Warrior and Animal aimed at those who need the vehicles to double up as a family car. A 137bhp version of the 2.5 turbodiesel is available on high-spec 4Life and Animal models (or offered as a power upgrader on others), which makes better progress on the road than the 88bhp and 113bhp workhorse models. The latest Animal Double Cab makes a play for the increasing number of people who are choosing a pick-up instead of a regular car or 4x4 with a wide array of car-like features.

3 out of 5

Behind the Wheel

Beginning to look dated inside compared with the 2005 Nissan Navara and the Isuzu Rodeo, but plenty to play with on the models aimed at private buyers and company car drivers. While 4Work versions are basic with just the bare essentials, 4Life models have alloy wheels and electric windows and mirrors. Warrior and Animal versions offer CD player, air conditioning and larger alloys as well as other styling upgrades. The range-topping Animal is also available with leather trim and aftermarket accessories such as a DVD player for rear passengers.

3.5 out of 5

On the Road

The L200 is a decent performer for this type of vehicle. Bear in mind it has a relatively high centre of gravity and has a primitive turbodiesel engine compared with modern cars, and it acquits itself quite well, especially the higher-power versions which also offer improved driving behaviour at lower speeds. There is a good degree of body roll in faster bends, and the 137bhp engine can often result in the rear wheels spinning momentarily when accelerating out of junctions in normal driving mode. The L200 is a strong performer off road with a low range gearbox, good ground clearance and excellent axle articulation. Like many part-time four-wheel drive vehicles, must run in two-wheel drive mode on normal dry roads though to prevent transmission damage.