Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

If you expect the interior of the VXR to stand out compared to the standard Insignia then you’ll be disappointed. True, it gets slightly different instrument dials (which glow red rather than white when in VXR mode) and a neat flat-bottomed steering wheel with metal inserts but the rest of it is fairly bland and there is little to remind you that you’re in a performance model.

The Recaro sports seats are great, plus they’re lower than a standard Insignia, which means a good driving position. However, this doesn’t compensate for the fiddly switches along with the over complicated stereo and (where fitted) sat nav controls. The finish doesn’t feel especially upmarket either, considering the price tag of this model. Rear visibility is also poor due to the sloping roof and narrow back windscreen.

Despite being the high performance model in the Insignia range, the VXR actually rides very well and makes a surprisingly comfortable motorway cruiser. The standard suspension setting is forgiving and deals well with bumpy roads and while it is considerably firmer in VXR mode, it is still smooth. There’s quite a lot of road noise though, not helped by the large 19-inch wheels.

However, the standard leather Recaro sports seats are very impressive, offering a great blend of side support and comfort. There’s plenty of space for all passengers too and despite the sloping roofline (especially on saloon and hatch models) those in the back get good headroom and decent leg room. However, there’s really only enough space for two in the back as the central seat is firm, narrow and has limited foot room due to the raised tunnel in the floor.