Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

There’s been some improvement inside the car with a bit of added finish around the cabin to try and give it a more premium feel. There are odd bits that still feel a little plasticky and it still lags behind the German manufacturers when it comes to fit and finish. The addition of the ECI adds a racing element to the car which will be welcomed by anyone that buys in to the product.

How usable this is in real life driving is questionable, but it does offer some entertainment as you watch the forces acting on the shock absorbers in the corners. It’s not exactly subtle inside either with a large and chunky flat-bottomed steering wheel, while the seats are substantial too. Annoyingly the windscreen wiper stalk and indicators have stayed where they are (the wrong way round) from the Holden (the car the VXR8 is based on) so it takes a bit of time to get used to not putting the wipers on when all you want to do is indicate when turning into a junction.

In 'normal' mode the car is surprisingly smooth and doesn’t give the harsh ride you might expect, even with the large 19-inch alloys. Flick it in to ‘Competition’ mode and things do stiffen up a little, but again you won’t feel like you’re slowly losing any vertebrae and it is usable even on UK roads. Up front the seats offer more than enough support and are cosseting for when you’re cornering at speed, which is inevitable in this kind of car.

Even those in the rear seats get a comfortable ride and there’s loads of room, even for taller passengers. Noise levels aren’t too bad, although with such low-profile tyres and big alloys there is some road noise coming through the cabin. The gurgle of the V8 is also audible, but this is all part of the appeal.