Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

A wide range of engines, but not identical to those in the 1998-2004 Golf (on which it’s based). That means there’s no 1.4 (no loss, as it’s quite weak in the Golf) or 3.2 (too manic for most buyers). The petrol range is kicked off by the 1.6 – fine for in town driving and short motorway trips; the 1.8T gives hot performance with up to 180 bhp on offer; 2.0 makes a fine cruiser; 2.3 V5 and 2.8 V6 are refined and give good mid-range power.

1.9 TDI diesels range from 110-150 bhp; the 130 bhp unit is the best compromise between performance and economy.

Bora is based on the Golf platform that ran from 1998-2004, so is a comparatively old design. However the extra weight of the boot gives better balanced handling than the old Golf. The steering is direct and well weighted, there’s lots of grip for confident cornering and Bora feels stable at all times. Slick gearboxes and a comfortable ride complete a pleasurable drive.