Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Most models come with ABS and power steering as standard, while the central locking system is a feature taken for granted nowadays, plus fitting an alarm and immobiliser will keep the insurance companies happier, as the cabin is far from impenetrable. Volkswagens tend to be solidly built, so the Corrado should be able to withstand moderate impacts, although it has not been officially NCAP safety rated.

Finally, the brakes are responsive and reassuring, a necessity for a car with this much power.

On open roads, the Corrado is brave and astute, with plenty of desire to overtake and progress, but has sufficient handling accuracy to remain lucid and self-controlled. The boot capacity is reasonable for this type of car, even though the rear seats are a little cramped – especially over lengthy journeys or when sitting behind taller drivers. The Corrado’s three-door design does make rear seat access a little tricky and inconvenient, though the likelihood of using them on a daily basis is rather slim.

Basic equipment

The basic equipment list includes equipment that is standard across all versions of the Volkswagen Corrado (89-96).

Equipment by trim level

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Standard Trim equipment

Standard Trim standard equipment
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Standard Trim optional equipment
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