Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

Just two engines are available starting with the lively 1.2-litre with 55bhp. This is a decent small engine and ideal for town work as it’s characterful, quick off the mark and delivers decent fuel economy of 46mpg. However, it’s slow to accelerate taking 17.5 seconds to get from 0-62mph. It’s not especially refined and lacks motorway punch for confident overtaking while CO2 emissions are higher than you’d expect.

With 75bhp, the 1.4-litre is more powerful, but no more useful around town. It gives a bit of extra poke to make motorway trips more bearable, but isn’t as good an all-rounder as the 1.2-litre at lower speeds. That said, it’s considerable quicker form 0-62mph, taking a more acceptable 13 seconds.

The Fox performs around town just as you’d expect of a small car with light steering and a snappy gearchange. Despite its budget price, it doesn’t feel like Volkswagen has scrimped on how it handles at low speeds and its turning circle is tight, so it makes fast work of three-point turns. However, on more demanding roads, the Fox isn’t as enjoyable to drive as many other small cars.

There’s quite a bit of bodyroll if corners are taken quickly and the steering lacks feel. The ride is soft and comfortable over most surfaces and – most importantly – around town. However, over rougher roads it can get quite unsettled.