Parkers overall rating: 3 out of 5 3.0

With just the driver on board, all-round visibility is good, but the rearward view can be restricted with two in the back. The steering wheel adjusts for height and reach which isn’t always the case in this size, and means it’s much more comfortable for taller drivers, especially on longer journeys. The driver’s seat height can also be adjusted. Overall the driving position is good, the instruments are easy to use and the layout of the dials is clear.

So it’s a shame that it looks so dull, especially compared to other small cars this size which are more adventurous and original with their cabin design.

Paul Smith-style fabrics add a dash of colour and personality to an otherwise sober interior and there’s a surprising amount of space in the back. Despite the small size, there’s loads of legroom in the rear (two fully-grown adults can sit in comfort) and it has seats with scalloped backs to maximise the room. The rear seats also split 50/50 and slide (although not independently of each other) on Urban Fox models to give more luggage space or rear legroom.

Engine noise is evident most of the time and especially when driving around town while road noise becomes an issue at higher speeds. Overall though, it’s a comfortable, compact way for four adults to travel over short distances.