Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

It’s all standard fare here, with the majority of the switches and dials lifted straight from the regular hatchback model. The roof folds down in an impressive 9.5s. That’s quick, especially when compared to the 20 seconds it takes for the Peugeot 308CC roof to fold or 22 seconds of the tin-top Eos model.

For anyone in the front two seats, everything is just as comfortable as you would find in the normal Golf model. The seats are comfortable with a good amount of support in the sides and for your back, making longer journeys pain-free. There is enough adjustment in the seat and steering wheel to be able to get yourself comfortable without too much trouble.

Jump in to the back though, and you may have to be selective about your passengers in order to save any taller friends from finding their knees under their armpits. Anyone around six foot up will want to spend as little time as necessary in the rear. The seats are fine for shorter passengers or children though, and they will find the rear a pleasant place to be.

Things are incredibly refined, even with the roof down you won’t find yourself shouting to be heard over the minimal bluster that you get in the cabin. While there is the usual hum of the diesels, engine noise from all the units has been well contained, particularly considering the type of car you are in. There is a little road and wind noise, but nothing too intrusive to spoil your time in the car.

You can hold a civilised chat even up to motorway speeds. This is an impressive feat for any convertible.