Parkers overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 3.5

Unlike some ‘hot’ models the VW Golf R Cabriolet is a lot less in yer face than some. There are plenty of R logo decals placed all around the cabin but they are all fairly subtle. The cabin switchgear and plastics used are all of a high quality and the layout is logical but not flamboyant. It is very driver-friendly but it lacks a sense of occasion – well this is the flagship after all.

Mixing comfort and sportiness is usually quite tricky to get right. VW Golf R Cabriolet comfort levels are decent at best. The ride height has been lowered by 25mm when compared to the sixth-generation Golf that this model is based on. This improves the driving dynamics but this comes at a price.

Yes, the Golf R Cabriolet is pretty good at cornering but lower and stiffer suspension makes the ride overly firm. Bumpy roads can make the car fidget and bounce.

Smooth motorway roads are much better suited to the Golf R Cabriolet. An R usually has a distinctive engine note and yes, there is a burble on up- and downshifts, but it is not as raucous as some enthusiasts may like.