Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Should you buy a Volkswagen ID.4?

It’s good, but not quite as brilliant or refreshing as the Volkswagen ID.3 – the car it’s closely related to. It has a roomier cabin and boot and is an SUV, which many family car buyers want right now, making it an electric car that is more relevant to more people. But so are the excellent Kia e-Niro and brilliant Skoda Enyaq iV.

We’d recommend opting for the long-range 77kWh battery and the Pro Performance motor, which develops 204hp to offer lively acceleration and a real-world range of 250-or-so miles against the 323-mile officially claimed figure. That’s enough for most drivers.

As such, we expect the cheaper, more mainstream models to be much more appealing – this is fundamentally a good electric SUV that will undoubtedly fit into the lifestyles of a large amount of families who are yet to buy an EV. Based on our experience of both, we’d choose the the closely related Skoda Enyaq iV over an ID.4.

What we like

The ID.4 is quiet and refined on the move, and is easy to drive and live with. We like its simplicity of operation – you simply have to get in and drive without even pressing a start button – and general user-friendliness. The ride quality is excellent, and it feels reasonably agile on the move if not massively communicative.

It’s also good value and offers a lot of motor and battery configurations, along with a wide range of trims and options to choose from. There should be an ID.4 to fit the needs of most families, especially considering how big the boot is.

What we don’t like

It’s big but doesn’t feel quite as clever as we’d like. The rear passenger room isn’t as impressive as we’d hoped for, while for those up front, the stark-looking dashboard is a bit of a turn-off. Although the steering is nice, and it’s comfortable, it also has woolly handling in corners and A-pillars that block your view in bends, making positioning in tight corners or on roundabouts tricky.

The dashboard isn’t exactly user-friendly either – there are no physical buttons for the heating and ventilation system, making changing settings a real pain. The touch-sensitive sliders on the dash are woeful and we kept triggering the haptic controls on the wheel when we didn’t want to. This needless minimalism takes the shine off what is otherwise a good car.

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