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Volkswagen ID.5 engines, drive and performance

2022 onwards (change model)
Performance rating: 3.2 out of 53.2

Written by Murray Scullion Published: 19 December 2022 Updated: 19 December 2022

  • Variety of power outputs available
  • High levels of grip
  • Effortless, but not fun

What power options are there?

There are three power options on the ID.5 – 174, 204, and 299hp. Unlike with the ID.4, there’s only one battery (77kWh) available. All three power options are reasonably quick off the mark, but they’re not exactly lightning fast.

The 174hp motor gives the ID.5 a 0-62mph time of 10.4 seconds, while the 204hp models will cover it in 8.4 seconds. The most sporting 299hp ID.5 GTX manages 0-62mph time in 6.3 seconds. The GTX also gets a slight bump in top speed to 112mph; other ID.5s are limited to 99mph.

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What’s it like to drive?

Driving the ID.5 is as simple as it gets. There’s no ignition switch – simply step inside, push the brake and the car will start up. From there, you just swivel the drive selector and set off.

You can choose from ‘D’ (Drive) or ‘B’ (Battery regen) modes – the latter increases the regenerative braking effect when you lift off the accelerator, allowing you to slow right down without using the brakes. It doesn’t allow for true ‘one-pedal’ driving as the Volvo C40 does, though.

So far we’ve only driven the 204hp and 299hp variants of the ID.5, and both feel very similar to drive. Volkswagen’s electric vehicles are typically pleasant if uninspiring and the ID.5 is no exception.

VW ID.5 rear cornering
VW ID.5 rear cornering

The power figures suggest a strong performance, but the non-GTX models can feel a bit lethargic off the line when compared with other electric cars. In Eco mode there is a definite lag in acceleration.

While driving enjoyment isn’t the focus in the family-friendly ID.4, it’s a shame that the sportier-looking ID.5 couldn’t be a bit more dynamic, as Kia’s managed to accomplish with the EV6.

Instead, the ID.5 is neutral and fairly comfortable, absorbing most bumps even on large alloy wheels. It’s also worth noting that some rivals, notably the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model Y, offer far greater power outputs than even the fastest ID.5 – so don’t expect to win too many games of EV top trumps.