Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

It’s a shame the cabin isn’t as dramatic as the exterior styling. Using elements from the Golf and the Eos, the Scirocco interior is neatly laid out, while build quality is impeccable. Thanks to soft touch materials it’s also very tactile but the design is plain and does little to excite. There’s no arguing with the finish though and the touchscreen system (which controls the stereo and – where specified – the sat nav) is straightforward to use.

Rear visibility is a bugbear though – the thick rear pillars and small back window mean it’s not easy to see out when parallel parking.

For a sporty coupe, Volkswagen Scirocco comfort levels are high. Designed as a four-seater only, the rear passenger space features two sculpted chairs. They’re incredibly comfortable and offer a surprising amount of legroom – although the sloping roof means headroom is limited for taller occupants. Up front there’s plenty of space and the supportive seats offer excellent adjustment – consequently it’s easy to find the perfect driving position.

GT models get an adaptive chassis control system (or ACC for short) which controls the suspension settings and has three different modes – sport, normal or comfort. The latter is ideal for motorway driving and gives a smooth, albeit still fairly hard ride. Put it in sport and everything is firmed up but while it’s stiff it’s never crashy, even on rough surfaces.