Parkers overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 4.5

Compared to the previous Touareg, the interior of this model feels far more sophisticated with a less button-heavy appearance.

Volkswagen has moved away from the ‘rugged’ look with large switches and there’s now a sleeker design, characterised by elements such as the sporty steering wheel and much more subtle gear lever.

The excellent eight-inch touchscreen sat nav and infotainment system, which is standard on all models, is easy to use and also includes a music hard drive, allowing you to download music from CDs onto the system. The driving position is very car-like, yet still offers a good view out, while all models come with leather upholstery as standard.

As you’d expect from a Volkswagen, quality is absolutely superb and the Touareg interior has a luxury car feel to it, enhanced with a wide variety of wood and gloss black trim options.

Thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase and overall length than the previous model, Volkswagen Touareg comfort levels were improved over the older model.

It has impressive space for four adults to travel in comfort, and with even better ride comfort, it’s a cosseting car in which to travel. Getting three in the back is possible but the large central tunnel on the floor and firm centre seat means it’s not very comfortable for longer trips.

A sense of roominess heightens Touareg comfort perceptions. It’s incredibly spacious with more than enough legroom while the seats offer excellent comfort along with plenty of support. The front seats are heated while the rear seats can slide back or forward to increase passenger space or luggage room. The backrests are also adjustable while folding the seats is easy thanks to a button in the boot which flips the backs down.

Ride quality is very impressive on the standard suspension and an optional air suspension system is available. This is ideal if you regularly tow because it has a self-levelling function plus it can be raised for tackling rougher terrain. It also has comfort and a sport settings – the latter lowers the ride-height and stiffens the suspension for better cornering while the comfort option smooths out uneven roads.