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Meet the Parkers editorial team that brings together the best buying advice and car reviews to help Britain's car buyers.

Our features and tests are designed to help you make the most informed new car choice and to hunt down the very best deals.

We drive and evaluate all the latest cars, over hundreds of miles on different roads in all conditions - so we know which cars are worth splashing your hard-earned cash on. Here’s an introduction to the Parkers experts and what matters to us when choosing our ideal car.  

How Parkers star ratings work

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Keith Adams, Editor, @KeithParkers

Keith Adams'I'm addicted to buying cars, and you'll often find me scouring the used car classified ads or pounding the dealers for my next moneypit - I mean, bargain. I've had my name on the logbooks of more than 250 now, which is probably not a good thing - although I've been driving longer than I care to admit. I'm driven by the desire to see people get a fair deal when buying their cars - and here on Parkers, I'm able to realise that goal.'

Keith WR Jones, Deputy Editor, @keithwrjones 

Keith WR Jones'Being a dyed-in-the-wool car geek puts me in a perfect position to give sound advice to new and used car buyers. Whether you want a compact city car, a family-friendly SUV, a luxurious limousine or something significantly sportier, my experiences – combined with those of the Parkers team – ensure that you’ll have access to considered, accurate and helpful opinion and guidance when it comes to choosing your next car.'

Gareth Evans, Associate Editor, @GarethEvansUK

Gareth Evans'Cars have been in my blood since childhood, influenced by my dad’s love of both driving and motor racing. I’ve been lucky enough to compete in a variety of cars – from single-seaters to a ‘40s MG TC – and have a passion for the old as well as the new. It’s my interest in the modern automotive industry and its forward-looking, innovative technical engineering solutions that make me adore my role here at Parkers, however, where our team of expert reviewers get access to the very newest cars as soon as they’re announced. And when I’m not out on the road, I’m on the sea, skippering sailing yachts.'

Chris Lloyd, Finance Editor, @christoferlloyd

Chris Lloyd'Finance far outstrips cash as the most common way to pay for a new car – but so many of us are still baffled by it. So my mission statement's simple: to help you find the best finance setup for your needs – PCP, leasing, Hire Purchase or a loan – and maximise your budget. Being able to pay in bitesize chunks offers great convenience but I don’t accept that you should have to pay extortionate APR charges and hidden fees. I love to get my teeth into the numbers to find top offers that let you run a posh car on a rock-bottom budget.'

CJ Hubbard, Editor Parkers Vans, @ir_427

CJ Hubbard'After 10 years of messing about with cars I thought it was time to do something useful: write about vehicles with a purpose in life. For once I got the timing right, for today’s vans and pickups are increasingly available with much the same tech as modern cars, and are often more relaxing to drive, too. The tension between setting the highest standards in these developing areas while continuing to meet most buyers’ primary concerns about costs and payload capacity is a challenge commercial vehicle makers are meeting head on, even while the line between business and lifestyle use becomes ever more blurred.'

Sophie Knight, Consumer Editor, @sophieknightcars 

Sophie Knight‘My passion for cars really broke out after driving a Ferrari in California when I was 17, so it’s safe to say supercars own my heart. But the head rules all, and these days I find myself just as excited by a suitably large boot with room for a pushchair and 12 full bags-for-life, a heated seat, and not finding myself in a hedge on a rainy morning. I’m here to break through the technical jargon and give car drivers the advice they really need.’

Adam Binnie, New Cars Editor, @adambcars 

Adam Binnie'I’m not sure I really have a favourite type of car. But the ones I hate giving back the most are those that make driving itself an event. I like those that make you consider taking a longer route to work, reveal a hidden value, and contain something exceptional in the ordinary. Most of all I like writing about them - so you can experience them too.'

Tom Goodlad, Senior Reviewer, @tom_goodlad

Tom Goodlad'Being able to drive different cars all the time is a real privilege, and something I always dreamt of doing growing up. There’s a baffling amount of new cars on sale today, so we try to help you make sense of what’s on offer. For me, a great car is one that puts a smile on your face when you're driving it and one that you turn around to look at once you've parked it up.'

James Dennison, Manager, Parkers Video, @JDennisonCars

James Dennison'My passion for the all-things-four-wheels stretches as far back as I can remember. After graduating from ramming model cars into the skirting boards of my parents’ house, I had stints as a Product Expert at Audi and BMW, gaining a strong understanding of exactly what customers look for in their motors. That’s not to say there’s a one-size-fits all formula in this respect, though. Everyone has differing requirements from their cars and I love nothing more than helping potential buyers find their perfect motor.'

Steve 'Percy' Lawman, Production Manager

Percy Lawman'I get the chance to drive and assess nearly every car the team reviews, which really helps when answering reader enquiries. I loved the Fast Ford era and during the '80s owned several RSs including a first generation Ford Escort ‘Burton’ RS2000, a Sierra RS Cosworth, Mk1 and Mk2 Escort RS Turbos and a Sierra Saphire RS Cosworth. In 1993 I nearly bought an RS500. Today, I own a 1995 'Mazda Bongo Friendee' Free-top, plus I have a Kia Sportage for everyday use.'

Lawrence Cheung, Content Manager, @FWMotoring

Lawrence Cheung'Driving various cars that will put a smile on my face is one of the best perks in this job. You can tell if one's particularly good as my punctuality suffers and I've had to refill the tank at the petrol station more times than normal. Modern motors have never been as complicated as they are today, so as Parkers' technical man, we aim to strip through all the fuss and PR spin to tell you how it really is. Finding unnecessarily complicated and distracting gadgets on cars is a pet peeve.'

Tim Pollard, Editorial director, @TimPollardCars

Tim Pollard'Is there any such thing as a bad car nowadays? Real stinkers are few and far between, as quality standards have risen across the board. Yet there’s still a gulf between the merely average and the truly exceptional - and identifying great new vehicles is what drives me and the Parkers team every day. There’s no greater thrill in this job than finding a car which rips up the established order of things to set new class standards. And as a father of two, I always have an eye out for cars combining practicality, value and fun.'

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