Meet the Parkers team of car experts

Meet the Parkers editorial team that brings together the best buying advice and car reviews to help Britain’s car buyers.

Our features and tests are designed to help you make the most informed new car choice and to hunt down the very best deals.

We drive and evaluate all the latest cars, over hundreds of miles on different roads in all conditions – so we know which cars are worth splashing your hard-earned cash on. Here’s an introduction to the Parkers experts and what matters to us when choosing our ideal car.

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Keith Adams, editor, @Keith_Adams

Keith Adams‘I’m addicted to buying cars, and you’ll often find me scouring the used car classified ads or pounding the dealers for my next moneypit – I mean, bargain. I’ve had my name on the logbooks of more than 250 now, which is probably not a good thing – although I’ve been driving longer than I care to admit. I’m driven by the desire to see people get a fair deal when buying their cars – and here on Parkers, I’m able to realise that goal.’

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CJ Hubbard, head of the digital automotive hub, @ir_427

CJ Hubbard‘It’s a fascinating time to be a motoring writer, as the world tries to align itself with the continuing need for personal mobility and growing concerns about the environment and the future of the planet. My ambition is to help deliver content, including news, reviews and advice, that reflects this modern reality in a practical, interesting and entertaining way. Making the destination for trustworthy information that’s also good to read.’

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Murray Scullion, deputy editor, @mscullion2

Murray Scullion‘We don’t just help buyers choose the right car, we help them with every stage of ownership. Sure, we test all the latest cars in all types of circumstances, for different lengths of time, in various locations and conditions. But we’re also answering the most popular ownership queries and asking plenty of questions ourselves.’

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Steve ‘Percy’ Lawman, senior product content manager

Percy Lawman‘I get the chance to drive and assess nearly every car the team reviews, which really helps when answering reader enquiries. I loved the Fast Ford era and during the ’80s owned several RSs including a first generation Ford Escort ‘Burton’ RS2000, a Sierra RS Cosworth, Mk1 and Mk2 Escort RS Turbos and a Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth. In 1993 I nearly bought an RS500.’

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Richard Kilpatrick, consumer editor, @rtkdrives

Richard Kilpatrick‘How cars fit into life, society, identity and self-esteem has always fascinated me; working with Parkers has expanded that understanding quite dramatically too. I’ve gone from tiny 2CVs to huge American V8s in the search for the perfect car for me – and now, it’s all about helping you find the perfect car for you, via used cars, advice and your weekly newsletters! ’

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Tom Wiltshire, staff writer, @mctreckmeister

Tim Pollard‘I’ve been reading and dreaming about cars for as long as I can remember, so it’s a privilege to be allowed to drive and review all the latest models. My favourites are those that do all the important stuff well, but still have their own character.
A car is only good or bad depending on its competition – which is why I think it’s vital to thoroughly research all the options, giving you the confidence that you’re buying the right car for your needs.’

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Tim Pollard, editorial director, @TimPollardCars

Tim Pollard‘Is there any such thing as a bad car nowadays? Real stinkers are few and far between, as quality standards have risen across the board. Yet there’s still a gulf between the merely average and the truly exceptional – and identifying great new vehicles is what drives me and the Parkers team every day. There’s no greater thrill in this job than finding a car which rips up the established order of things to set new class standards. And as a father of two, I always have an eye out for cars combining practicality, value and fun.’

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James Dennison, head of automotive video, @JDennisonCars

James Dennison‘My passion for the all-things-four-wheels stretches as far back as I can remember. After graduating from ramming model cars into the skirting boards of my parents’ house, I had stints as a Product Expert at Audi and BMW, gaining a strong understanding of exactly what customers look for in their motors. That’s not to say there’s a one-size-fits all formula in this respect, though. Everyone has differing requirements from their cars and I love nothing more than helping potential buyers find their perfect motor.’

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