Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The GT comes with a choice of three engines – 2.0-litre and 3.2-litre petrol engines or a 1.9-litre diesel. A few years ago a diesel would have been out of place in a slick-looking coupe like the GT, but it’s the best all-rounder in this line-up. The 150bhp unit pulls strongly, is refined and will cruise with ease while returning around 45mpg in everyday driving.

Of course no Alfa model would be complete without a V6 and the range-topping 3.2-litre engine is superb. It sounds great and is the better of the two petrols to drive, but it’s thirsty – be prepared for around 22mpg. Sadly this engine was phased out at the start of 2008.

Despite its film star looks, the GT isn’t the most enjoyable or easiest car in this class to drive. The steering is rather vague and distant and the whole package lacks a certain zip. It’s better suited to cruising, which it does very well. Around town, its huge turning circle makes parking and three-point turns a pain. You often need two or three attempts to get into a space or even get onto a driveway from a right angle; something that’s not helped by the slightly heavy steering.

The Q2 system offered with the diesel engine is a limited-slip differential which makes for a more satisfying drive, especially in slippery conditions, without the added weight and complexity of four-wheel drive. It helps to improve traction on the front-wheel driven GT, finding more grip when accelerating from stationary and through corners, rather than simply wheel spinning or using the traction and stability control system to cut the power when grip is lost.