Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

The cabin is Alfa Romeo at its best and full of Italian flair. It’s comfortable and has a feel good factor that’s missing from many of its competitors. The leather seats are impeccably finished and little touches – like the Italian on the dials (the words for the petrol gauge, revs, speed etc) make it feel special. There’s a good driving position with plenty of adjustment in the seat and steering wheel.

The sloping roofline and thick pillars mean that visibility – both front and rear – isn’t great. All the controls are well within reach and generally easy to use although there are some curiosities such as the stability control on/off switch which doubles as the fuel filler flap release.

The GT is quite accommodating for a coupe, with space in the back for two adults – a trick that most other coupes in this class cannot match. At speed, it’s pretty quiet, although the roar of the V6 can be heard when desired. Ride quality is good, soaking up the lumps and bumps without rolling excessively in corners or feeling too harsh over bumps.