Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2

Should you buy an Audi A4 Avant?

The Audi A4 Avant doesn’t have the outright boot space offered by the Volvo V60 or Peugeot 508 SW, but it’s probably one of the most accomplished small estate cars you can spend your money on.

Not only is there a huge variety of engine and trim combinations to choose from, but it also comes packed with equipment – even in entry-level Technik form. If you don’t have the desire for a sportier-looking S Line or Black Edition model (most buyers do go for these trims), the entry-level spec comes loaded with everything you could possibly want or need.

In terms of engines, the good news is there really isn’t a bad option from the models we’ve driven. If you’re a company car driver and prioritise economy over everything else, the new 30 TDI or 35 TDI should fit the bill. We’d go for the latter as it barely seemed much slower than the 40 TDI, and remained smooth and refined at all times.

If you’re not expecting to cover high mileages, the 40 TFSI is well worth a look. It’s a very refined engine that works well in the A4 and, in combination with the adaptive suspension fitted, makes for a supremely comfortable option too.

Make sure you test drive a model with the standard suspension If you’re not interested in adding this as an option – it can feel a little more fidgety over lumps and bumps than some Volvo V60 models (at least on smaller alloy wheels).

It’s not the most exciting car to drive – if you want a sporty estate then the BMW 3 Series Touring will be for you – but it’s certainly one of the most accomplished in terms of all-round ability.

Plus, because the A4 Avant now comes with a more extensive standard kit list, the temptation to raid the options list won’t be as tempting, meaning you could save a bit of cash in the process.

Consider the flagship RS 4 Avant almost as a separate entity from the rest of the range. While it ultimately won’t deliver thrills you can find elsewhere, it’s a quick estate that very easy to respect and even easier to live with. A supercar without compromises.

2019 Audi A4 Avant rear

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