Parkers overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 4.2
  • High quality interior bests rivals
  • Airy design but breaks little new ground
  • Wealth of on-board technology available

2019 Audi A4 Avant interior

Such is the level of quality of both materials and build of the A4 Avant’s interior that its rivals are going to have a headache. It may break little new ground stylistically but that aside, it’s outstanding.

You’ll spot familiar Audi themes – a pared-back design with minimal fuss and a full-width air vent similar to the kind that featured on the Audi Q7 before its mid-life update, as well as the VW Passat and Arteon.

Taking centre stage is a large 10.1-inch screen protruding from the dash, controlling all the car’s major functions via Audi’s latest operating system. It’s a less fancy version of the one found on the A6 and A7, meaning it’s just a simple touchscreen rather than one with haptic feedback where you can physically press down and click the whole screen. This move to touchscreen tech also means the firm’s excellent rotary controller for the MMI infotainment system has sadly gone, so it’s a good thing the menus are easy to navigate via touch, and that the screen is far easier to reach than an equivalent 3 Series.

2020 Audi RS 4 Avant Virtual Cockpit

Now fitted as standard, Audi’s excellent Virtual Cockpit also features, enabling you to fully configure the instrument panel in front of you, depending on whether you’d like navigation or map info, the trip computer or a whatever else. It’ll take a little while to flick through all of the functions, but it’s very easy to use and much more comprehensive than BMW’s offering.

Everywhere in the A4 Avant’s cabin that your fingers caress you’ll be impressed by the tactile qualities, from the squidgy soft-touch plastics to the exquisitely-damped switchgear – even the silver-coloured heating controls look and feel high-end to use.

Determining a comfortable driving positon is easy too, with full adjustment of both the seat and steering wheel.

Is it comfortable?

  • Superb ride comfort, particularly with adaptive suspension
  • Optional double glazing and excellent aerodynamics reduce noise
  • Good amount of interior space with comfortable seats

2019 Audi A4 Avant front seats

Optional adaptive suspension is central to Audi A4 Avant comfort, superbly isolating drivers and passengers from the road’s imperfections, yet does so in a controlled manner to the benefit of agility as and when you need it. It’s a shame, then, that the A4 on standard-fit steel springs has a fidgety ride quality. If you value comfort over anything else, we’d recommend the adaptive suspension in a heartbeat – it transforms the A4 into a supremely comfortable and controlled estate car.

If you’re plumping for an RS 4 Avant, then the adaptive suspension option is an absolute must. In Dynamic mode it remains very firm – too much so on surfaces rougher than a ten-pin bowling alley – but in Comfort it’s truly transformed, soaking-up incredibly shabby surfaces without transmitting much in the way of discomfort to the interior.

There’s an aura of serene calm about the A4 Avant that makes you feel cocooned from the outside world without any of the echoing cabin noises many still tend to associate with estate cars. There are no creaks from the materials, and every engine we’ve tried has remained quiet and non-intrusive.

Whether you opt for petrol or diesel powerplants you’ll appreciate their hushed tones when cruising, their rortiness only becoming apparent when you’re driving with greater verve.

The seats are comfortable yet very supportive, benefiting from the increased space on offer to front and rear seat occupants – three adults may still feel squeezed sat abreast the rear bench, though.

Audi’s worked hard to improve the A4 Avant’s aerodynamics, claiming a figure as low as Cd 0.26, which has benefits for fuel efficiency as well as reducing wind noise. If you’re willing to spend even more money Audi will fit double glazing to the front side windows, too.

Red 2020 Audi RS 4 Avant front three-quarter driving